ZCRA celebrates love of parks in national #LoveParks Week!

The Zebon Copse Residents’ Association has joined over 200 organisations nationwide to celebrate Love Parks Week.

Love Parks Week, now in its 11th year, is Britain’s biggest celebration of these valuable spaces. ZCRA is joining the celebration, and encouraging everyone to share why they love our local green spaces.

This #LoveParks Week, we are encouraging as many people as possible to go out and enjoy their local park. Take a photo, video or simply post on social media, using the hashtag #LoveParks, telling the world why you love your park. On each day of #LoveParks week, ZCRA is tweeting residents’ love for their many local green spaces on @ZebonCopse.

Using this tide of public support, with people sharing how much parks matter to them and why, environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy will campaign to secure the quality of parks for future generations to enjoy.

Barnabas Balint, ZCRA Webmaster said, “There are so many beautiful and diverse green spaces on and around the Zebon Copse estate, which are truly valued by residents.”

“We are lucky to have a dedicated team of volunteer residents and a professional team of countryside rangers who strive constantly in the upkeep and to improve our many green spaces.”

“Recent investment from the Hart District Council Biodiversity Action Plan has seen an amazing array of wildflower patches across the estate, alongside a residents’ association funded orchard, both of which are incredibly popular with residents.”

“It has been wonderful to take part in this national celebration of our parkland.”

Residents of Zebon Copse have highlighted their love for parks for the following reasons:

‘I love parks because they are calming environment to walk around in.’ – from ZCRA Webmaster Barnabas.

‘I love parks because I love flowers and butterflies!’ – from ZCRA Secretary Nicole. 

‘I love parks because I like to connect with nature (not my phone)!’ – from ZCRA Chair Chris.

‘I love parks because wild flowers = insects, insects = birds, birds = joy!’ – from ZCRA Treasurer Val.

‘I love parks because they are the most beautiful and tranquil place I know’ – from Zebon Copse resident Iris.’

‘I love parks because I like to chase a ball and meet my friends’ – from Crumble the dog!

Volunteers with the Hampshire Countryside Services team have been celebrating their love of the copse – a special space with wildflowers, a mire and a woodland area dating to at least 1600, managed with biodiversity in mind. Volunteer work parties, suitable for all ages and with all equipment supplied, take place from 10am – 1pm on the second Sunday of every month, meeting at the end of Londlandes. At a recent work party focusing on path maintenance run by the Yateley Common Rangers, volunteers highlighted their love for the copse for the following reasons:

‘I love parks because we can play in the green shade.’ – from Zebon Copse work party volunteer Grace.

‘I love parks because I keep connected to the real world.’ – from Zebon Copse Ranger Binz.

‘I love parks because I love the fresh air.’ From Zebon Copse work party volunteer Jane.

Paul Todd, Keep Britain Tidy’s Green Flag Award manager said, “We believe that everybody, wherever they live, should have access to a quality green space. We are asking everyone to join us in showing how much they care and helping us to protect parks for future generations.”