Very Successful Litter Pick 23 March 2014

More than 20 local people across the age groups turned out for a very successful litter pick on Sunday morning 23 March in sunny but cold weather.

In addition, a CITO (Cache In Trash Out) team from a wider area, who combine GPS location tasks with collecting litter along the way, significantly boosted the amount collected.

Items collected included a bicycle, van exhaust, three Christmas trees and a number of abandoned road signs as well as hundreds of cans and bottles and other general litter.

We had to leave a number of large bundles of abandoned freesheet newspapers for Hart Council to collect from the woods behind Silvester Way. If residents are not getting freesheet deliveries, please inform ZCRA so we can get something done about it – not least to stop those employed to deliver them being paid for work they have not done.

CITO on the left, ZCRA on the right

CITO on the left, ZCRA on the right