Zebon Copse Residents’ Association

The Association

In recent years, more than 750 households on the estate have subscribed annually to be members of Zebon Copse Residents Association, largely thanks to the valiant efforts for many years of Kathy Roades, now retired to join her family down under. Currently, Kathy’s successor, Tony Gallagher, and his team of volunteers knock on doors to collect the modest membership fee of £2/year/household or £1 for pensioners (which has not changed since ZCRA was founded in the early 1990s). The Committee would be delighted to receive further offers of help in recruiting members and delivering newsletters. See this web site’s contact page to find out how to get in touch, or come along to the AGM on 4th March and have a chat with one of the Committee there.

The Committee

  • Chairman: Chris Hall
  • Treasurer: Val Hall
  • Secretary: Position Vacant
  • Newsletter & Twitter: Mike Pope
  • Membership: Tony Gallagher
  • Fete Organiser: Sheila Thorns
  • Fete Stalls: Rowan Hill
  • Website: Judy Coleman
  • Rajan (Spar shop)

The small committee meets approximately monthly to organise activities and coordinate actions with outside authorities. We are always looking for keen individuals to join the committee to widen coverage of the estate, to broaden the age groups represented, and to increase the range of topics of particular interest to individual committee members. Use the contact page to express an interest and we’ll let you know what would be involved if you joined in.

What We Do

The ZCRA committee aims to:

  • keep residents informed about local items of interest;
  • act as a focus for ensuring that maintenance and enhancements to the estate get due attention from the powers that be;
  • monitor law and order issues and seek remedial action where possible;
  • offer help and advice to residents;
  • organise social events and working parties in and around the estate;
  • hold public meetings if anything significant arises for which a meeting is the best way to gain timely feedback from members.

Estate Maintenance

Ensuring a high standard of routine maintenance around the estate is a continual challenge. Roads, pavements (particularly overhanging vegetation), open spaces, waste bins, trees, paths, lighting, flood defences and the like constantly require minor works. But if no-one reports problems, remedial action is unlikely. We rely on vigilance to report problems. If you see anything that needs attention, please either report the problem yourself or pass details to ZCRA. A useful website  is www.fixmystreet.com.


IMG_0903_On the social side, ZCRA organises an annual fete which is held around the beginning of July each year (25 June 2017 next time) in and around the Community Centre. There is always something for all age groups plus a beer tent and  BBQ lunch. If you enjoyed last year’s event, come again and bring your friends and family. If you haven’t been yet, do come along and enjoy the major community event of the year. As always, volunteer helpers are essential to the running of the fete. Please contact us through the contact form if you are interested in helping out.Christmas Fayre


ZCRA publishes newsletters at intervals through the year. Check with this web site, our Twitter feed @ZebonCopse and the noticeboard outside the Spar Shop to keep up to date.

Estate EnhancementsP1020318_

Over the years ZCRA volunteers have planted thousands of spring bulbs around the estate, which make a cheery welcome to every spring.


In 2013, an experimental planting of wild flowers at three locations proved very successful and it is intended to plant further area both to enhance the look of the estate and also to provide extra habitat for insects and other wildlife.

P1030402_Also in 2013, ZCRA installed a dog-bag dispenser at the end of Londlandes. This has proved very popular: in the first 3 months almost 2000 bags have been dispensed and very few of them have been seen abandoned in the area. However, some uncollected dog mess is still evident at times, so we continue to seek better cooperation from dog owners to ensure the area is kept clean and pleasant for those working and playing in our public spaces.

In 2017, ZCRA funded the planting of some new trees to compliment the plum and damson trees at the end of Londlandes.

Londlandes Wildflower Meadow Spring 2017

As part of the Hart Biodiversity plan, ZCRA has supported the planting of wildflowers at locations around the estate. These have been developed over the past few years, with the latest wildflower beds planted in Spring 2017 along the pathway under the pylons by Londlandes.

Work Parties

Each Spring ZCRA organises an estate-wide litter pick, timed to be done before too much vegetation makes the task too difficult. Volunteers for this are always welcome.

The Hampshire Rangers work together with ZCRA to lead monthly working parties to carry out the planned management programme in the woodland Copse. If you think this might be the kind of activity that you would enjoy, come and give it a try. Gloves and tools are provided and there are jobs for all abilities and ages. Contact Hampshire Rangers and volunteer to join ‘Friends of Zebon Copse’ so that you get email notification of dates and times. Alternatively meet at the end of Londlandes on the second Sunday of the month from 10.00. Work parties run from 10am to 1pm with a break for tea/coffee. It is fun, educational and calorie burning!

Annual General Meeting

Lastly, the ZCRA AGM, open to all members (join at the door), is held in February/March each year to approve the accounts and to guide the committee on topics of concern or interest to members.

Chris Hall
ZCRA Chair